Sunday, 12 April 2015

Korean goodies: I Want Dark Knight Deep Cleansing Black Oil review

Today I'd like to review a Korean cleansing oil which I neither received in a Memebox nor ordered on e-bay but just bought in a drugstore next door.

I Want Dark Knight Deep Cleansing Black Oil comes in very intriguing packaging. Matte black cardboard box with glossy letters holds a bottle with a dispenser which distributes the right amount of olive-coloured oil. 

This oil doesn't diasppoint. Like almost all oils I've used so far Dark Knight is lightweight, applies to my face without feeling oily or greasy. It breaks down even the most stubborn waterproof mascara creating black mess all over my eyes, but with a splash of water it turns to milky lotion and rinses all impurities perfectly well, leaving my face silky smooth.
 I have oily skin so I like to double cleanse and remove whatever residue is left with a foam cleanser and thus I can't tell whether used on its own this causes breakouts or not. Followed with a foam cleanser it did not.

This oil cost 45PLN (about $12) which makes it more expensive than Sephora Supreme Cleansing Oil and less expensive than The Body Shop Camomile oil and about the same price as other Korean oils sold on e-bay.

The only disadvantage of this oil is that its main ingredient is mineral oil. I don't have any issues related to that and most of cleansing oils contain it, but it's a cheap ingredient and I would very much prefer to get high quality natural extracts in my skincare. 

I'll definitely repurchase this oil as it's good, relatively affordable, readily available and its successor turned out to be completely unreliable. But more about that in another review. 

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