Monday, 20 April 2015

Nizoral anti dandruff shampoo review

Today I'd like to review my lifesaver. 
For the past couple of years I've been struggling with what I'd believed to be dandruff, but what turned out to be sensitive, dry scalp. 
Dying my hair, using dry shampoos and volumising sprays has made my skin peel  like hell with flakes of up to half centimetre in diameter. Since I can't keep away from certain hair products, I started looking for some alternative solutions. 
I've tried a number of drugstore anti-dandruff shampoos, high-end scalp treatments and toners, stopped using dry shampoos and hair powders, but to no avail.
I'll now sound as if I was quoting one of TV commercials: then my hairdresser recommended Nizoral to me and everything changed.

Nizoral is a prescription-free anti-dandruff treatment that is sold in pharmacies. It is sold in full size bottles, but I buy mine in single use sachets. The whole bottle is quite expensive, but the sachets retail for approximately $1, which is highly affordable, especially that you don't use this shampoo on regular basis, only once in a whole when the need arises.

The shampoo is a pink liquid that foams less intensely than a standard shampoo. You're supposed to keep it on for 5-7 minutes and rinse.
The results are immediate. All my peeling patches are gone after a single use and they don't return for weeks. I always keep a sachet in my stash, in case the need arises, and all my problems are gone!
This stuff is truly amazing and if you have the same issues as me, you absolutely have to give it a go.

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