Saturday, 11 April 2015

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel nail polishes in B-Girl, Red Eye, Sugar Fix + top coat review and swatches

I'm a great fan of gel nail polishes so when Sally Hansen came out with their own 2-step concept of no-light gel nail polishes and top coats I desperately needed to try these out.
Not without some reservations did I get the first two and the reason why the last one arrived under my roof was that I thought that having invested in a rather pricey top coat I would need more polishes to pair it with to spread the cost.
I had my doubts about the top coat as it promised shine and long-lasting wear time, but no advertising mentioned that it was quick drying and I'm so much used to the comfort of speedy mani that my Seche Vite offers.
The second problem was that the shade range on offer is limited to some of the ugliest shades in the world, out of which I managed to pick 2 decent shades and there's also one more that tickles my fancy, but it's shimmery and I'm currently not in the mood for shimmers.

After using these three polishes plus their top coat I noticed nothing out of the ordinary. 
All three polishes are good quality polishes that give full and even coverage in 2 coats. They apply easily thanks to their wide brush.
The top coat is not of the speed-dry kind, but the drying process didn't take too long and I didn't destroy my mani while waiting.
As for the shine, I would say it was decent, but the Seche Vite offers better.
Wear time pretty much depends on the condition of your nails, so in the case of the first two polishes my nails looked good for at least 4 days, then I got bored with the colour and removed it, but the third one started to show signs of wear and tear almost instantly. 

 #240 B-Girl is a nice mint shade very much in the vein of the cult classic by Essie called Mint Candy Apple.

#470 Red Eye is a tomato red which is warm and sunny enough for the summer.

#370 Sugar Fix is unavailable in Poland and it's a gorgeous bright, warm, periwinkle blue. This one wore worse than the other two, but this might have been due to the condition of my nails. 

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