Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Dior Addict It-Line eyeliner and It-Lash mascara review

This review is very long overdue and I probably should have called it Dior Addict It-Line revisited. I bought these two products last summer and now returned to them to create my spring/summer signature looks involving taupes and cobalt blues. When summer was over they went to the bottom of the drawer only to be pulled out this month and it turned out that they survived winter perfectly fine and fot the past couple of weeks I've been obsessing with them even more than last year. 

I'm not sure whether they were a limited edition or not, but I've noticed that they're still available at Sephora Poland, so I thought a review might be of interest to some.

Dior Addict It-Line eyeliner in #279 It-Blue comes in a gorgeous navy blue-black tube with the signature silver button on the top that appears on all Dior Addict products. The longer part is a fine brush which, during extensive use, doesn't became frayed and dishevelled like many others do. What I don't like about the brush is that it's a bit too flexible, which makes the application a bit more difficult. 

The shade is adorable. It's a bright cobalt blue, less marine blue that it came out in the picture below. The formula is a kind of thick gloopy substance which is fully opaque in one stroke. It offers intense waterproof blue vinyl line which is easy to remove with any make-up remover as instead of dissolving and smudging it crumbles. 
I often have issues with similar formulas as they settle on my lashes, making using a mascara impossible, but this one doesn't turn to crust on my lashes and is easy to comb out.

I generally would be absolutely satisfied with this eyeliner if it hadn't been for the fact that the packaging broke and it no longer closes properly. I can only predict that this is going to contribute to the product drying out soon, but in the meanwhile I continue to use it daily.

Dior Addict It-Lash mascara in It-blue is a wonderful mascara if you're looking for bright colour which really shows. Although it's not the best performer as far as lengthening and volume are concerned, but then they're not what I'm looking for in a blue mascara. I can't also say how good it is at holding the curl as my lashes are naturally quite upturned. But what I can say is that the mascara offers very noticeable electric blue colour, what's more, even though it's never classified as such, it has a near waterproof formula which never smudges, flakes or crumbles and is easy to remove at night. The formula is on the dry side, but it didn't dry out in time. 
I'm not a fan of this long plastic brush whose spiky bristles tend to poke my lashline in an unpleasant way, but I can overlook that if this is the price I need to pay for clump-free, evenly coated lashes.

I'm scraping the remains of this mascara off its sides and I'll be sad to see it go because, taking its super classy packaging aside, this is probably the best blue mascara I've ever used.

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