Thursday, 16 April 2015

Korean goodies: Derma House Aloe Vera Moisture Mist review

I've been using face mists regularly since last year and I've come up with a simple check list to see whether these fulfil my expectations. My list contains three questions: 1. does this distribute a fine mist? 2. does it do anything to my skin? 3. Is it good for oily skin?

Derma House Aloe Vera Moisture Mist scores 2 points out of 3.
The packaging is very simple and basic, but it does the job of turning the liquid into very fine mist perfectly well. My face gets sprayed evenly in tiny drops that do not ruin my make-up.
It says on the packaging that this product soothes and hydrates, but I don't feel it does anything noticeable to my skin. Lightly scented water would offer the same temporary cooling and refreshing results. This mist is a pleasure to use, but honestly, my skin wouldn't suffer much without it.
And finally, being like water, this product is non-greasy and is more drying than sebum-inducing, that's why I can use it at any time without fear of turning into an oil slick.

I got this mist in a Memebox and I'm definitely not going to repurchase. There are many other similar products out there ands there's no point in ordering something like this from Korea.  So far only Caudalie face mist has landed on my to-be-repurchased list. 


  1. Just days ago I've been browsing Korean face mists on ebay too! I'm tempted by the Nature Republic one.. but got a different Aloe toner and the pink Tonymoly Pocket Bunny instead.
    Somehow I don't like using mists on my make up, maybe I used too much, but it made my BB Cream cake up on my oily skin.
    Instead I use a mist as simple extra hydration right before moisturizing, destilled water in a suitable tiny spray bottle does the job for me in that respect, love it. But I'm also looking forward to that cute bunny mist! ^^

    1. Hmmmm, now I started to wonder if mists don't make my make-up go cakey too! Need to experiment more. I've never had the bunny mist, but I always wanted to. It's so adorable! Let me know if it's any good!

    2. It is! It seems now they've changed the packaging to a slightly more sleek new version, since I prefer the old one I'm glad I coincidently thought of it again in time.
      I'll tell you how I like it once it has gotten here. The pink version I chose is for dry skin, mine is oily, but I wanted the alcohol-free type so I went for it.

    3. The packaging is definitely well made, sturdy and super cute. I like the soft, inoffensive clean-floral-creamy scent that isn't strong- The spray mist isn't as super fine as I had hoped.. but there are no big droplets either, maybe medium-fine.
      I don't find it oily at all, but a tad sticky on my oily skin as it's very moisturizing - on my drier hands it absorbs completely. On my face I can use it to replace moisturizer, thing is I can usually skip moisturizer alltogether anyway, so I only used it occasionally.
      So they said 'moist', and meant it. ^^ Cute thing, I consider getting the white 'sleek' version as well.

    4. You seem to have the same skin type as me! I can use most mists, serums, essences instead of my moisturiser.
      Thanks for your feedback, when I've used up the mists I've got in my stash, I'll order the sleek one. The only thing that discourages me, though, is the price to content ratio.