Monday, 27 April 2015

Korean goodies: Ladykin Mangchee Lifting Mask review

After a great success of another Ladykin product, their Vanpir cream, I was superexcited to try this Mangchee Lifting Mask. 
The name is a combination of the two main ingredients: mango and cheese, which aren't the only ones here (for more details look at the packaging below). 
The mask comes in a lovely glass jar with a metal lid. The packaging isn't particularly travel-friendly as it's rather heavy and breakable, but then a face mask isn't the most important travel essential.

The manufacturer makes numerous promises as to what the mask is supposed to do: it moisturises, soothes, calms, makes the skin feel silky and supple and look healthy and glowing.

The product has a kind of gel-cream texture which applies super smooth. I treat it like a face mask, so I usually apply a rather thick layer, which takes a while to absorb. 
According to the instruction I found in my Memebox leaflet, it's best to keep the product on overnight, so I mostly use this before going to bed. When I wake up, my skin feels plumper, but also it's covered in sebum and very, very tacky. I have oily skin and this sensation is not unusual, but is definitely stronger when I use night packs like this or face oils.   

My skin is not in the need of any extra moisture, so I can't tell how moisturising this cream actually is, but it seems to me that it's very comforting. 
It appears that this mask has nice soothing and brightening properties and makes my skin glow.
I haven't noticed any lifting effect, however.

I suspect this is a superb quality product, but I'm unable to appreciate it fully as it doesn't match my skin's needs. I prefer mud masks which help me control my sebum production and tighten my pores, but I feel that anyone with dry skin might fall in love with this stuff.

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