Thursday, 23 April 2015

Eyelure Naturalites 020 false lashes review

Eyelure Naturalites 020 introduced me to the world of Eyelure eyelashes and they will always be my favourites for daily fun.
They offer natural volume and length, while still enhancing eye make-up.
They're super soft, their band is flexible and super thin, the lashes are natural and ultra lightweight.
What I also like is that they come attached by their tips to a sticky tape. Thanks to this they don't get flooded with silicone that is typically used to tie them to their packaging.
They are inexpensive and come with their own, good quality glue.

Unfortunately, their advantages turn to the biggest drawbacks of the product. The lashes, being so lightweight and soft, aren't resistant to damage. It's almost impossible to pluck the glue without destroying the lashes. I can get maximum 3 uses of these and I'm extra careful.

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