Thursday, 2 April 2015

Koream goodies: Vivito Make-up Starter Intro review

Vivito Make-up Starter Intro is yet another intriguing product that came in one of my Memeboxes (#51 Citrus Care).
It comes in a fun box with images of a rock chick and guitars. The product itself is a pile of essence-soaked star-shaped pads locked in a matte black jar.  The manufacturer even added plastic tweezers to pick the pads out of the jar without contaminating the remaining ones with your dirty fingers!

The pads, apart from being star-shaped, are also corrugated. If you run the harsher side on your face it'll exfoliate the skin, if you use the other side it'll recharche your skin with moisture.

The main ingredient of the product is lavender water and a number of different acids, including citric acid and salicylic acid, lavender oil, but also some alcohol.

I've used almost the whole bunch of the pads and I must say I didn't notice any difference in my skin condition in the morning. It's been a nice product to add to your morning routine as it preps the skin for make-up without being greasy at all. Smells fresh and hence some wake-up factor is involved here as well. 
But my skin feels neither exfoliated nor soothed and smoothed. 
The liquid the pads are soaked with doesn't resemble those thicker Korean toners or essences, it's way closer to micellar water.
According to the leaflet this product retails for $35, which is waaaay beyond reasonable.

As I've said, these pads have been fun to use, but they won't be sadly missed. 

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