Friday, 1 May 2015

Clinique Calyx EDT review

I got this generous sample of Clinique Calyx exactly when I started contemplating getting it full size. Incredible coincidence, isn't it? 
When spring comes I start obsessively searching for floral fragrances as soon as I came across a review of this perfume which sounded like it could be up my alley I rushed to a perfumerie to test it. After a wrist test I was quite satisfied with what it smelled like and put it on my wishlist. 
Imagine how happy I was when a consultant at Sephora pulled this out as a freebie to add to my shopping.

I'm glad I had the opportunity to test it for a bit longer before making a purchase as buying this full size would have been a big mistake. 
While according to the description this is supposed to be a tropical fruity scent in the top notes, through floral in the middle ones to sandalwood, oak moss and vetiver in the base ones. These combined produce an energising and audacious concoction that is uplifting and unique.
My nose doesn't notice any of these nuances and to me this perfume smells of one thing flat: blackcurrant. Perhaps some citrus fruit as well, but blackcurrant itself is kind of zesty. 
Although blackcurrant is not my favourite scent and the perfume doesn't develop anyhow, I kind of like this berry scent. What finally discouraged me from getting this perfume was that it didn't last more than 3-4 hours neither on my skin nor on my clothes and I happen to like it when my scents linger on the day after.

So, although this perfume isn't bad and can be obtained quite cheaply, it's a no no for me, mainly because of its longevity.    

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