Friday, 15 May 2015

Korean goodies: Pro You Body Scrub Peeling Emulsion review

I'm a great fan of the Korean Pro You brand I learned about thanks to my Memebox adventure, however, not everything they touch turns to gold as the Body Scrub Peeling Emulsion I'm about to review is no good at all.

This comes in a very basic kind of packaging that brings factory pre-production testers to mind. It contains various hydrating ingredients like shea butter and vitamin E, plant ingredients like rosemary, chamomille, green tea to soothe and jojoba scrub to remove dead skin cells. Sounds great, but this just doesn't work.

The substance reminds a body lotion way more than a body scrub. It's white and quite runny with some small amount of exfoliating granules that look and feel like ground walnut shell. The problem is that this thing feels kind of slimey under shower, neither washes nor moisturises my skin, and the beads are so sparse that they hardly do any job at all. This scrub doesn't make my shower experience particularly pleasant and doesn't make my skin look, feel or smell great. Each time I use this scrub I feel like I'm wasting my time as this is not worth the effort. It's been in my bathroom for over a month now and I cringe every time I force myself to use this, which is not a good sign.

It retails for a rather hefty price of $43 for 150 ml of product which is definitely far beyond the real value of the product.   

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