Friday, 29 May 2015

Circle lenses: Geo Eyevelyn Brown circle lens review

I have no idea why I have no single picture of the packaging of my new circle lenses by Geo. 
Geo Evelyn Brown are single tone lenses that are clear in the centre and brown in the outer rim. They blend in surprisingly well and offer definition and slight enlargement in spite of the fact that they're 14.2mm in diameter.  
They're, like all Geo lenses, incredibly comfortable to wear. My day usually lasts about 16 hours and I experience no discomfort nor dryness that bugs me when I wear western lenses. The gel they're made of seems thicker than those by Bausch & Lomb or Johnson & Johnson, but it retains the lens shape perfectly and they're much more comfortable to wear.  
I'm a great fan of all Geo lenses, I've never been disappointed with their quality of performance, the choice depends on the style I currently fancy. Evelyn Brown happen to be the best brown lenses for my eye colour and shape I've used so far.

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