Sunday, 10 May 2015

Hourglass Modernist eyeshadow palette in Exposure review & swatches

I'd read so many ranting reviews of the new Hourglass Modernist eyeshadow palettes that I feared the worst but found those palettes' name and design truly irresistible.
Everything they say about these palettes is true, they're powdery, they're no dividers between the shades, they tend to overblend  but somehow it doesn't bother me at all and I managed to create a number of beautiful looks using this palette.    

These palettes come in compacts designed within the same vein as all newer Hourglass releases. It's made of shiny metallic brown plastic that is fingertip-prone but very classy. The compact is actually smaller than it looks in the pictures, but it holds 5 stripes of eyeshadow and a full-size mirror. 
As you can see the eyeshadows are formed to look like some elegant satin fabric. They're not separated but they don't melt into each other.

The palette I picked is called Exposure and is a set of muted purple tones.
The first shade on the left is a highly pigmented slightly cool toned beige highlighter, which looks gorgeous both in the inner corner and on the high points of my cheeks. This shade is so incredibly buttery that it feels like a cream eyeshadow. 
The second one is the most difficult to use. It's a beautiful dark muted purple that is matte and unfortunately very chalky. It is supposed to make a great outer V shade, but it offers no colour pay-off when applied over other powder eye shadows and disapperas when blending. I can make it work by applying it first, over a primer or a cream eyeshadow and then adding ligher shadows in the centre of my lid.
The middle shade is a mid-tone shimmery taupe which in certain light leans slightly purple or slightly gold. This is a superb quality eyeshadow which is soft and smooth and applies and blends like a dream and offers good colour pay off.
Shade 4 is a dark aubergine purple with satin finish. It's another great performer and this is the one that I use in my outer V or as a liner. I love the shade, the sheen, the smoothness and the blendability.
And finally shade 5, which is an adorable satin muted lilac shade. I absolutely love this shade. It gives me such an exceptional sultry eye!

It's true that these eyeshadows crumble under the slightest touch of a brush, but this doesn't bother me at all.
It's true that the pan becomes messy, but one huff or puff cleans everything up.
It's true that the matte one is difficult to work with, but it's often the case with matte eyeshadows.
It's true they're expensive, but that's what you agree on when picking a high-end product.

What I love about these eyeshadows is undeniably the design, the buttery soft and smooth texture of the eyeshadows, the blendability, the shade selection and the possibility to create effortless sultry make-up.
I have hooded oily lids and I always wear my eyeshadows over primer and very often a cream eyeshadow as well. Applied this way, I didn't notice any major crumbling, creasing or fading other reviewers complained about.
I love this palette with my whole heart and I'm planning to get Infinity as well.  

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