Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Maybelline Super Stay Gel Nail Color in Deep Red and Berry Stain review

I've been a great fan of Maybelline Super Stay Gel Nail Color since last year. They're amazing drugstore nail polishes that apply super easy with their wide and flat brushes and opaque formulas. Their quality leaves nothing to wish for and they're excellent value for money. The shades range from nudes, pastels to bright reds, purples and pinks, yet all of them wearable and tempting.
I've just added two more to my collection and hence my updated review.  

Deep Red is a very pretty deep red that doesn't lean burgundy or berry, is neither too blue-toned nor too warm. It's a classic red that should suit everyone and everyone needs in their collections.
The formula is excellent. Full opacity can be achieved in one thick coat, however, I used two thin ones. 
I love this polish for the shade and the ease of use.

Berry Stain doesn't seem as much berry to me as an orchid purple. It seems pretty unique to me. The formula is great, though three coats are advisable. In the picture there are 2 plus L'Oreal quick dry top coat, but then I decided to add one more and I managed to eliminate all bold patches. 
This is a jelly kind of finish with supreme, watery shine. 
Applies effortlessly with its 'beaver tail' brush and dries quickly. 
The polish resisted signs of wear and tear for at least 3 days, but gave in when spring clean started. 
This is an excellent polish, especially that I got it on offer for less than $3. 
I can see myself  wearing this pretty often this spring!