Friday, 8 May 2015

Schwarzkopf Essence Ultime Biotin Volume range review

This Schwarzkopf Essence Ultime line has already been featured in my monthly favourites and I've already repurchased the shampoo and conditioned since then. This can only mean that I absolutely adore this line and I'm going to use it until it's discontinued.  

Biotin Volume line consists of a number of products, ranging from basic hair care like shampoos and conditioners to styling products like mouses and hairsprays. I picked 3 to start with and then added one more.

The shampoo is exactly what I was looking for. My hair is super fine and frizzy, but the straightening process tends to make my fringe go greasy within a day and generally my hair looks flat and lifeless the day after. Schwarzkopf  Essence Ultime Biotin Volume Shampoo gives my hair volume which lasts for two days at least. My hair feels tangled and rough when I wash it so it definitely needs a conditioner which smooths everything out. The one from the same line does the job perfectly well, it makes my hair manageable without weighing it down and turning it greasy.
As I've already said, this combo reduces the need to wash my hair from every day to once every two or three days.   
In addition to that I've been using Styliste Ultime Biotin Volume which is a hair volumising paste and the best product of this kind I've used so far. It has a bouncy moussy consistency which feels very lightweight and dry when warmed up in my hands. There are two ways I use this product: I either run it near my roots to give my hair incredible natural volume 'from within' or I just rub some very small amount on the surface of my hair for a tousled messy look. In both cases my hair looks amazing. The style holds all day long, my hair never goes greasy or flat as time goes by, and even on day 2, when I reapply and restyle my hair, I can achieve the same voluminous result without much product build-up. 

Essence Ultime Biotin Volume Spray Conditioner is a biphase conditioner that can be used both on wet and dry hair
I'm not exactly sure whether it's this leave-on conditioner that is responsible for the fullness of my hair or the shampoo and conditioner combo, but my hair feels more voluminous indeed. 
What I can clearly attribute to this conditioner is that when I spray it on dry hair, the results are similar to those of a dry shampoo or a texturising spray. I love how weightless, yet how effective it is. 

I also need to mention that every single product from this line smells like upper shelf perfume which only adds to the pleasure of using these.
Products from this line offer a modern matte finish. 
Schwarzkopf Essence Ultime is a higher shelf line sold in drugstores. The regular price is about $6, but the're often sold on offer for as much as $4.50. For reference regular drugstore shampoos and conditioners retail for less than $3 in Poland.

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