Monday, 25 May 2015

Maybelline Lash Sensational waterproof mascara in 01 Very Black review

I succumbed to the temptation to get the new Maybelline Lash Sensational mascara as I hoped it would do the same as Benefit Roller Lash for a fraction of money.
I have no idea hoe Roller Lash works, but I got a very decent mascara which would have made to my monthly favourites if it hadn't been for two tiny little hiccups.

The mascara comes in a very nice tube which is quite similar to Rocket Volum', but in s different colour and with a completely different wand. The wand is curved and plastic and it fits my eye shape perfectly well. It makes it possible to reach all lashes and curl and them nicely from top to bottom.

The formula is neither typically wet nor dry, I would describe it as tacky and buildable. A couple of coats give you the volume I like, though not as much as Rocket Volum'. If you're after defined, separated, clump-free lashes, this mascara might be of interest to you.
The mascara would be really lovely if...

...I didn't have the same issues with it as I do with many other waterproof mascaras by Maybelline.
Lash Sensational may be waterproof, but it certainly is not sweat and grease proof. It smudges like hell under my eyes, it also transfers onto my upper lid and messes my make-up. My skin may be oily, but I don't seem to have the same issues with mascaras by other brands that don't even claim to be waterproof.

However, the mascara proves truly waterproof and actually all-proof when it comes to its removal. It resists oil, foam cleanser and gives in to dual eye make-up remover. Anyway, it takes too much time to remove for me, I prefer formulas which last all day, don't smudge, but aren't so painful to remove.

I'm not going to repurchase this particular mascara, but I might try the regular one. If it smudges anyway, perhaps it'll be easier to take off? 

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