Saturday, 16 May 2015

Marc Jacobs Style Eye-con No. 3 eyeshadow palette in Shoegazer review & swatches

When Marc Jacobs launched at Sephora Poland I felt desperate to try some of their eyeshadows. I do admit that mainly because of the packaging, but also because they constantly receive enthusiastic reviews in the blogosphere.
The problem is that no palette really caught my eye as unique and worthy of investment. The Lolita was too nude, the Vamp too dark, the Starlet too random, many of them were too shimmery and dupable. So finally I half-heartedly picked Style Eye-con No.3 in Shoegazer. 
The palette wasn't right up my alley, but I figured I could make it work for me and I was right. 

These Eye-con eyeshadows come in fancy designer compacts that bring sunglasses case to mind. No. 3s contain 3 eyeshadows of different sizes and a full-size mirror. 
The concept is that the largest shade is the one most often used, which is your base colour, the smallest one is to be used to darken the crease and the medium one for a pop of colour. But I happen to be using these in a completely different way.

The shade on the left is a beautiful taupeish gold, but I don't feel confident wearing gold, so I use this one only to highlight my inner corner. I can't see myself using up such a huche pan of gold eyeshadow. 

What I seem to be close to hitting the pan on after a month of playing with this palette is the smallest eyeshadow, which is a pretty unique shase of brown which suits my complexion so well. It's definitely cool-toned, slightly mauvey, slightly red-undertoned, but most importantly it's matte and a dream to blend. It makes a beautiful statement eyeshadow in the outer corner, but also looks great all over the lid for a monocolour look.

And finally, the last shade which is a bright aquatic blue which seems too '80ish when used on its own, but I absolutely adore what it looks like applied over or blended with the brown eyeshadow from this palette. It offers an amazing duochromatic sheen to the lid, looks unique and intriguing without going over board.  

Qualitywise, all three of these are perfection incarnate. They're highly pigmented and all of them, including the matte one, are buttery soft and melt into my eyelid like cream eyeshadows. They blend exceptionally well and stay put all day (over a primer). 

I must say that this palette was money well spent. It's absolutely amazing from top to bottom. I'm hooked and want more Marc Jacobs eyeshadows, but I'll wait till they come out with colours that would catch my eye.  

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