Sunday, 24 May 2015

Clinique Beyond Perfecting Foundation + Concealer in Ivory review & swatches

I bought this foundation right after it launched and since then it has already landed in the drawer and been pulled out of it a couple of times.

The main problem is the colour match and I keep checking if with the change of seasons this is going to look better on me, but more about it later. 

I've never ever felt tempted to get a Clinique foundation, but the concept behind Beyond Perfecting intrigued me enough to make me want one for myself. 
There are a couple of things which differenciate this foundation from others: its packaging and the fact that it is a 2-in-1 product combining properties of a foundation and a concealer and that it targets all skin types.

I must say that I'm a great fan of the packaging. Instead of a pump it comes with an oversized doe-foot applicator which makes mess-free application possible. I just draw a couple of lines in the areas of my face which call for higher coverage and then blend with a buffing brush. I can also use this under my eyes and it fits in there nicely, I blend my concealer with my ring fingers anyway.
Many people imply this is non-hygenic, but I don't mind. I don't suffer from acne, I apply make-up onto my squeeky clean face and see nothing wrong with it.
I can see some drawbacks of the bottle: it is on the heavy side and is impossible to light travel with and also I can foresee some problems with the applicator refusing to pick up the remains of the product as it starts to run low.  

Now, it's time to talk about what it claims and how it delivers. Here's the manufacturer's note:

This foundation has a thick, pasty consistency that blends incredibly well, offering decent, but certainly not complete coverage. It's relatively lightweight, but not one of these foundations that feel as if you weren't wearing anything. I have oily skin and dry undereye and I must agree that I find this foundation moisturising, but it's nowhere near natural-matte finish on my oily skin.  It feels comfortable and looks very pretty right after the application. Performs well as my undereye concealer, but it creases a bit more than other concealers do on me.

The problems arise later. First of all, I got colour-matched wrong. I wanted a slightly darker foundation for the upcoming summer season, so I picked Ivory, which was the second shade available at the time.  Boy, this shade is fairly dark and in spite of the promise to stay true through sweat and humidity it oxidises on my like nothing else. I start my day looking acceptable, but when I look in the mirror in the late afternoon it scares me how unnaturally dark it is and also the shade is a weird concoction of pink and orange and makes my hair parting and hair line look stark white. I've tried this foundation on numerous occassions, with or without powders (including white and translucent ones), with or without self tan and the result is always the same. I look tangoed. I still have some hope it would suit me in the summertime.

Finishwise, the foundation looks great for the first hour or so, then it starts melting on me. The natural glowy finish turns to oily and the foundation starts to migrate towards the pores. I must say, though, that in spite of these issues this lasts for good 8 hours on me, but any attempt to matify my skin and set the whole thing with powder ends up with cakey face.

I'm in two minds about this foundation. I generally like how it applies and what it looks like on my skin, but it definitely targets normal to dry skin types more than mine. The colour match is horrible and Polish shops don't offer me much choice, though I can see on the US website that the shade variety is much wider.
It's a very decent foundation, but I sort of regret my purchase.

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