Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Charlotte Tilbury Light Wonder foundation in Fair 1,2,3,and 4 review & swatches

I never took any interest in Charlotte Tilbury Light Wonder foundation as I knew it was not for me. I have oily skin and anything that says 'glow', 'radiance' is instantly discarded as in my case these words usually translate as grease and oilslick.
However, when I saw on Charlotte Tilbury website that she offered to ship free of charge a set of samples to try out and colourmatch, I instantly grabbed the lightest set.  The samples were so generous that I played with them for almost two weeks and I feel I'm ready to give an honest opinion.
Let me start with my very first impression. When I opened all four sachets to take pictures of the swatches I was very much surprised at how similar pairs of shades were. I couldn't find any difference between shades Fair 1 and 2 and Fair 3 and 4, but the jump between these two pairs was quite substantial. I found the first pair very fair, the second one a tad too dark, though I must admit that this foundation blends amazingly well and is very forgiving. I ended up mixing and matching the lightest shades with the darkest ones and the combination worked perfectly fine, though with the foundation being on the pricey side, I don't think buying two to mix and match wpuldn't be possible for me. All the shades are rather neutral, definitely leaning more yellow than pink, so I believe they would satisfy most users.

The formula of the foundation is one of the most beautiful in the make-up business. It's somewhere inbetween runny and thick and creamy foundations. It goes on beautifully, blends effortlessly and seamlessly. It looks like skin, doesn't migrate towards the pores and clog them, doesn't cake and look obvious. Also makes my skin nice to touch. I would describe the coverage as sheer, buildable to medium, so I don't recommend it to anyone who has much to hide. On my redness-prone skin it looked beautiful, toned down any discolouration, but preserved natural skin texture. The foundation has no fragrance whatsoever.
Now here's the catch, just as expected, this foundation is not for me. After initial application it offers the kind of glow I find acceptable and actually quite youthful and refreshing. It also looks nice when dusted lightly with powder. But after a couple of hours my oilies win and make my face more glowy than I like. Powdering such an oily face instantly results in heavy, caked make-up which I don't like.
I love the foundation so much that I'm still considering getting one for myself and using it instead of a tinted moisturiser or a BB cream, but if you have dry to normal skin with no acne problems this is a must-have for you, I can't imagine any foundation being more moisturising, comforting, glowy, natural and youthful than Charlotte Tilbury Light Wonder. I can only hope that one day she produces something just as beautiful for us oily-skinned gals.

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