Sunday, 3 May 2015

Korean goodies: B&Soap Mamie Blue face mask review

The time has come to review one of the strangest Memebox acquisitions of mine, B&Soap Mamie Blue face mask. I've used over a half of this product and I'm still in two minds about it.

First of all the packaging is clearly a copycat of Lush products, which is fun, but I really dislike fake products.
What we get inside is a thick bright blue paste with some kind of black seeds in it. According to the leaflet this is supposed to clear away dead skin cells while vacuuming all impurities. It targets all skin types of all ages.  

So, let's see what my experience shows.  
The leaflet says this is a smooth  gliding mask, but in fact it's very dense and thick. It daoen't glide on at all, I need to slap it on as if I was applying plaster. My hands get stained blue in the process, but somehow my face remains unaffected. 

Using this mask is not a pleasant, relaxing experience. This product contains menthol which I'm sure was supposed to be cooling and soothing, but even though it's the last ingredient on the list, it's so strong that it makes my skin freeze or burn, the sensation being so similar. The strong essential oil irritates my eyes and makes me feel like I'm about to suffer from a strong allergic reaction. However, nothing like that has ever happened. 

You need to watch how long you're wearing this as once it dries it's really hard to remove. 
As for the results, I must admit that my skin does feel purified and my pores somewhat tightened, but I don't think that it performs better than other clay or kaolin-based masks and since the beauty ritual is kind of painful, I prefer to reach for those masks that offer me a spa-like experience.

On the positive note, I must say that the ingredients are mostly natural, though I have no idea what the black seeds are and what they do since aren't mentioned in the list of ingredients.  

All in all this mask is difficult to apply, unpleasant to use, reluctant to come off and the end doesn't jusfify the means.


  1. Bit reluctant to tell you this (since this will probably make you like the product even less) - but your mask seems to actually have dried out as soon as you received it. In Korea, the Mamie Blue masks come in a paper box (not a plastic shrink wrap), and always have a liquid-y texture but going by your photos it way too dry/clumpy and dense. They also state not to wear this for over 10 minutes =]

    1. I'm glad you told me this, however, I've already dumped this mask. There is so much better stuff out there to waste my time and effort and risk skin inflammation using this blue gunk. But thanks for your comment anyway. You made me think that the brand may not be all that bad, but I might have received a bad batch.