Monday, 18 May 2015

Korean goodies: Croquis Dual Concealer review & swatches

I'm not a fan of Korean make-up and I no longer buy any Korean make-up myself, but when I received make-up packed Memeboxes I hardly ever passed the products on without trying and thanks to this made a number of interesting discoveries.

I got a couple of products by the brand called Croquis and I must admit that every single one was really good. Their Dual Concealer comes in a fairly large, classy tube which contains a brightening anti-wrinkle concealer with brush applicator on one side and a slightly ashy-toned spot concealer with doe-foot applicator on the other. I'm totally surprised at how well it performs on me.
Before I go on, let me tell you about my skin type, concerns and expectations towards concealers. 
I don't have really dark circles, they don't stand out until I put my foundation on. They become noticeable because they contrast with my sort of flawless skin everywhere else. My main concern is dry, aging skin under my eyes which concealers tend to highlight more than hide. Concealers are more often than not thick and drying and make my skin appear more wrinkled than it actually is. That's why I tend to use light coverage, lightweight, highly moisturising concealers. Many emolient and hydrating BB creams which are too glowy for my oily skin do the trick better than concealers. My skin-tone is cool, with redness concentrating mainly on my jawline and around my nose.

This said, I must admit that this niche concealer duo is one of the best I've ever had. 
The undereye one is light enough to have brightening effect on my fair skin. There's no shimmer whatsoever, but thanks to the shade and moisturising properties it looks very nice and fresh. It does what it's supposed to do: tone without making my skin wrinkle. It lasts all day, doesn't migrate or crease nor does it make my skin feel dry throughout the day. I sometines use this concealer to highlight my cheekbones or forehead a little bit.
The spot concealing part has a slightly ashy undertone, like many Korean BB creams do, but strangely enough it blends really well with my cool-toned skin and tones down any redness that I might have. It's lightweight and blendable, but I feel it's a bit too runny for the occassional spots I sometimes get. 

Rare are the examples of concealers that satisfy me as much as this one from Croquis does. It definitely is one of my treasure finds from my Memeboxes!


  1. I saw this and was about to get it but couldnt find any reviews. I guess I have to give this a try now! I just hope they have a suitable shade for me