Monday, 28 January 2013

Kryolan Cream Liner in Ebony review

I adore cream or gel liners but a good liner is hard to get.
There are a couple of requirements a liner needs to fulfil to be classified as a good one.
1. creamy and smooth
2. highly pigmented
3. waterproof and non-smudging
4. go well beyond expiry date without drying
5. remain usable even if the consistency seems to be dry (eg. Bobbi Brown)

Here's what the manufacturer declares about this liner:

And the product most certainly delivers what it promises  to do. Kryolan liner seems to be one of the best cream/gel liners I've ever used.
It's so smooth you can create thick and thinner than a hair  crisp sharp lines.
It's insanely pigmented, thanks to which you don't need to go over your line a couple of times.
It doesn't smudge and lasts all day. I tested it on the waterline, although I hardly ever wear a liner there cause it doesn't last long, makes my eyes smaller and interferes with my contacts, and I must say Kryolan performed very well on my waterline. It lasted longer than other lines and it felt less uncomfortable.

The manufacturers promises flawless performance of the liner within 6 months of opening, I need to wait till then to see what it looks like after that date. I hope to use it much longer cause there's no chance of using it up within 6 months.

I also need to mention the packaging, which strongly appeals to my taste. It comes in a pretty little jar, made of matte glass, with an aluminium lid embossed with an image of theartical mask. 

All in all, this is a perfect eyeliner. Unfortunately no other shade speaks to me cause I'd definitely like to have more of these. 

disclaimer: received in December 2012 Glossybox 

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