Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Model Co lipstick/gloss duo in Dusk and Striptease review

This Model Co lipstick/lip gloss duo arrived at my door in one of my Glossyboxes a couple of months ago. I'd never heard of such brand before and when I saw the nude shade of the gloss my reaction was a kind of meh. But obviously, I wouldn't be myself if I didn't give it a go.

To my great surprise the quality of the product is amazing. The lipstick goes on so smoothly and it has a moisturising, almost balm-like feel to it. The shade is a brownish nude, which looks surprisingly flattering on me, without sporting a kind of "so 90's" look.
The gloss also surprised me with its quality. Again, it feels more like a lip-care product than a beauty one. The shade is a very sheer kind of peach with some glitter in it. It goes well with a wide variety of nude and coral lipsticks.
I seem to have saved the best for the end: both the lipstick and the gloss smell amazing. They smell of something very familiar, something edible, sweet and fruity but I find it hard to figure out exactly what.
The combination of all these features makes it a high quality, luxury product.

However, the duo is not without flaws. 
First of all, neither the lipstick nor the gloss are particularly long-lasting. You need to be prepared to reapply often.

Secondly, the packaging sucks. It's too big, sturdy and heavy to be carried around. It hardly fits my make-up bag. On the side of the tube, there is a mirror which theoretically you could use for any touch-ups on the go. The thing is that you actually hold the part with the mirror when you apply any of the products. Clearly someone who designed the packaging had no idea of how you use the product.
What's more, considering the retail price of the product, the packaging looks kind of cheap and tacky and the lipstick cap has already began to crack, even though I don't use the product that often and I've never dropped it.

And finally, the price and availability. 
The product itself is of excellent quality but the packaging is really bad, considering all this I don't think it's worth the $39 it retails for. I might be tempted to explore other products within the brand, eg. separate lipsticks or glosses in other shades if they were available in my local Sephora. Ordering any of them on-line, without seeing them first is out of the question.

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