Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Hit the pan: Dior Diorskin Loose Powder #002

I thought I'd open a new series of posts which will be called "hit the pan". Such situations are pretty rare in case of a make-up collector but they do happen and the fact that I've metaphorically hit the pan or used something up means usually that I liked some products more than the others and reached for them quite often.

One of such products is Diorskin loose powder. I bought it before I started blogging, that's why a review has never appeared here. This powder is one of my favourite setting powders ever. It's lightweight, transparent, very good at setting foundation without looking cakey and taking down the shine without destroying the luminosity of foundation. It's sheer so it matched my skin colour both in winter and in summer. Also the tone was quite universal beige with no pink or yellow undertones. I've had this powder for about 2.5 years and today I've used it up to the last grain. What also deserves a mention is the quality of the powder puff. I know that make-up artists tend to discard these as soon as they get them and replace them with numerous other tools like brushes but I used it throughout these 2.5 years and I believe it's irreplaceable. What's more there are no symptoms of wear or tear, after the regular washes it received and daily use it still looks as good as new. I'm keeping it to use with other powders like my new Laura Mercier which somehow lacks the puff.

To sum up, after having used this powder completely up I can still recommend it fully.

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