Friday, 10 August 2012

Korean goodies: Tony Moly Intense Care snail Cream review

Snails seem to be taking over the cosmetic business, especially in Asia. Are they just a hype or do they really work?
So far I've had an opportunity to try two of such products: Skin 79 BB cream (review coming soon) and the Intense Care Snail Cream by Tony Moly I'm about to review. Snail creams are the ones which contain filtrated snail mucus which is supposed to have healing and moisturising properties. This cream promises wrinkle control, whitening and nutrition. So what did I find out?
This sample was too small to see if there's any anti-wrinkle effect, I didn't notice any immediate whitening but I'm sure it did provide a lot of nutrition. The cream was rather thick in consistency, it felt more like these Korean night packs which are facial masks you leave on for the night. It took a considerable time for it to absorb and I guess it never absorbed completely leaving a kind of film on my face. I have oily skin and I could never wear it under make-up but I believe those of you with very dry skin could. My skin did feel smooth after the application before going to bed but I had a stinging feeling below my eye area (I didn't use it under my eyes of course) and I feared I would wake up with my face swollen due to some allergic reaction but nothing happened. This cream has a very weird smell by which I mean it's slightly perfumed but overall smells like plastic or something very artificial.
I'm still curious about snail creams and I'm sure I'll get one for myself  but perhaps not the Tony Moly Intense Care Snail Cream. It's not bad at all but I'd like something not as thick.  

Disclaimer: based on a sample

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