Monday, 6 August 2012

Vichy Idealia Smoothing and Illuminating Cream review

Vichy used to be my favourite brand of skincare products, however now I've had the opportunity to use many other creams and cleansers which presented comparable quality for less money. Nonetheless when I got a sample of Idealia targeted at normal/combination skin I was really happy to try it out.

Idealia is a cream which promises to even out and brighten the skin tone, diminish the appearance of pores, make the skin smooth and soft and fight wrinkles. All-in-one kind of product, isn't it? The sample was large enough to use the cream for four days in the morning and the only thing I've noticed is that although it's meant for combination skin it left very sticky and dewy finish which didn't look particularly well under make-up. If oily shine equals illumination then certainly illuminating this cream is. Perhaps my skin did feel a bit softer but certainly not brighter nor more even.

On the brighter side, like all Vichy creams it has light formula, applies smoothly and has a lovely smell. But this is not enough to make me buy the cream in its full-sized version.

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