Sunday, 5 August 2012

Oh the moon, how it shined

Last night was full of magic, we went to see the moon rise by the sea and stayed out till sunrise. Had to deal with a bit of hangover this morning, well in the afternoon as well to be honest. But it was worth it.
It was a kind of all-in-one package. First of all we freed ourselves of our cars. We walked. We walked across the park, we walked to this new Indian restaurant where we had a lovely meal, then we picked A&A on the way and walked to the beach. There we were joined by B&W and when Zmariusz arrived our party was complete. I also felt complete with all of them around me. And the moon. I love the moon. I'm Ladymoonlight after all. It rose huge and yellow then turned frosty silver to stay with us till the morning hours. The beach was deserted, we were distracted only by some faded sounds of music in the from the seaside drinking establishments. Someone was launching Chinese lanterns in the distance. There was a yacht floating with its sails down, we took it for a spectre or common delusion. When at about 2 morning dew made our blanket soaking wet and chilled us to the bone we retreated to find our shelter at A&A's. Walked again, had this crazy idea of playing music on our mobiles as we went, just like teenagers do. At about 5 we decided it was time to go home and then we realised it was day already. Mariusz drove us home (Kuba in the trunk) cause suddenly we felt too tired to walk back home. This was a beautiful night. And not a single drop of rain fell on our heads, which was a true miracle this summer!

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