Friday, 3 August 2012

Korean goodies: ElishaCoy BB All-In-One Cleanser Review

I received this sample of a facial cleanser with one of my purchases. It's by a brand I've heard of but never had the opportunity to try: ElishaCoy. I must say I really liked the product and I'm considering getting it full-size.
BB All-In-One Cleanser is a watery clear gel you massage across your face  Applied on dry face it refuses to foam so I add a few of drops of water and it removes all dirt and make-up. It even does away with waterproof mascara.What I particularly liked about this cleanser is that it doesn't dry my skin out, it actually leaves it more moisturised than any other cleanser I've used, but not greasy or sticky.
It's also a very economical  product cause you need only a little to create rich foam. Moreover I quite liked the smell which vaguely reminds me of Dolce&Gabana Light Blue, not my favourite fragrance but it smells kind of classy as for a face wash.
Finally the full-size packaging looks very convenient. It's a simple container equipped with a pump, very easy to use.

This review was based on a complimentary sample I received with one of my purchases.

Edit: I got a full-size version of the product, here's what it looks like and "how to use" instructions:

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