Thursday, 9 August 2012

Nars Pro-Prime multi-protect primer SPF30/PA+++ review

Nars is a weird company in my opinion. Some of their products are the best in history and some of them are, well, not bad but dated. By dated I mean formulas which might have been revolutionary about a decade ago but now they fall short of high expectations I have when it comes to a brand such as Nars. I'm talking here about their cream eyeshadows and the subject of today's review, the Pro-Prime primer.

I liked nothing about the Pro-Primer, the sample of which I had an opportunity to test. 
First of all I'm not sure what sort of primer this is cause it did nothing to perfect my skin before applying make up. No extra smoothness, no pores diminished, no shine control, no nothing really. This is not a primer but a very ordinary facial sunblock with a relatively high SPF and all the negative features of a sunscreen like white cast, weird smell and quite thick and greasy formulation. I'm sure it works as far as sun protection is concerned but  it's terribly overpriced as for that kind of product. I'm sure in any drugstore you'll find something cheaper and more readily available. 

A couple of years back I would have been happy to find a face cream with SPF30 but today these are our everyday reality, what's more the formula of Asian sunscreens, which I have discovered lately, is so much superior to this one that I can't see why anyone could pay so much money for the Nars Pro-Prime primer.

Based on a free sample. 

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