Monday, 6 August 2012

Made in Poland: Hakuro face brushes review

top to bottom: Hakuro #H55, #H54, #H14
Ever since the beginning of my make-up passion I've been in love with Polish make-up brushes. There are a number of brands like Kozlowski or Maestro or even Inglot which can outclass any foreign competition. The same can be said about my new brush discovery - Hakuro.

I haven't got any Sigma brushes but from what I've seen on Youtube the three face brushes bear a strong resemblance to Sigma and are much cheaper. These brushes are made of bicoloured taklon which is super soft artificial hair. I've washed them many times and they haven't shed a hair and they still look like new. They have well-designed handles which are neither too long or too short, too slippery or too rough, too light or too heavy.

H55 powder brush is super soft and a pleasure to use on your face. The size of the brush is just right, it easily fits all powder sifters and lids but I have the impression that the bristles are too smooth and they sort of refuse to pick the product just as well as my beloved ELF Studio Kabuki does. I think the top of the brush is soft and all but not fluffy enough to work in a similar way to a powder puff. This is a very nice brush but ELF kabuki remains my favourite of all times.

H54 may have many uses (for blush, bronzer, mineral make-up etc.) but I like to use it to apply foundation. For the time being this is my absolute favourite in that department. It's rounded top allows me to work the foundation nicely into the skin allowing for this nice flawless finish. There's no chance of being too heavy handed with your foundation, or using more product than you need. It's very similar to Sephora mineral powder brush reviewed here but bigger.

And another favourite of mine is the tapered brush (H14) which is perfect for contouring and my absolutely favourite tool to apply cream blushes. Its pointed tip is too small for powder blush but its soft, yet quite stiff and springy bristles do wonders when applying cream blushes (which I personally find rather difficult to apply evenly). There are similar ones and Sigma and Real Techniques brushes but generally I think this brush is rather unique.

My finger in the picture below is there to show you approximately the size of these brushes.

 Should have posted a link to the shop I bought these from in case anyone's interested. Click here to find out.

Disclaimer: I bought the product myself for my personal use and I am not affiliated with any company. I am not paid to do this review and everything I said here is my genuine opinion. 


  1. Where about do you get these from? A quick google serch is only throwing up ebay =]

    1. I should have posted a link. This website is basically in Polish but this is a small internet shop so I'm sure the girl who runs it will be happy to send the brushes wherever the need. Here's a film comparison of Polish brushes made by the shop owner. It's in Polish but you may see the brushes "live"

    2. and here's the link to the website: