Monday, 27 August 2012

Korres Multivitamin Compact Powder for oily-combination skin #52N review.

Korres Multivitamin Compact Powder
I've had this Korres face powder for over a month which gave me enough time to test it and I still have no opinion about it. This is one of the products I got for free when purchasing some of my stuff on I chose the shade at random, the fact that this powder was meant especially for oily skin influenced my choice.

Korres Multivitamin Compact Powder
When the powder arrived it looked so dark in the pan that I thought I could use it as a bronzer rather than a powder. However, upon application it matched my slightly tanned skin pretty well. Shade #52N  is a medium neutral beige, leaning towards yellow a bit.

As for the quality of the product itself I must say it's a very decent powder. It's very soft and the brush picks up a lot of product so you need to be extra careful not to cake your foundation with it. I don't know if that's the use of the product but it seems to me that you can use it as sheer coverage compact foundation. 

Korres Multivitamin Compact Powder
Although I hold no regrets about this product I'm not totally satisfied either. When I deal with a high-end product, and I believe Korres aspires to be one of them,  I always hope for something special. Unique Selling Point/Proposition as the marketers say. In case of this Korres powder there's none.
I don't like the white compact, the print on the compact is very low quality, I've already almost wiped it off when opening the box. 
The quality of the powder is all right but I feel it's comparable to many drugstore products like Maybelline or Bourjois or even Rimmel. I always look for powders which will give my skin some extra boost, make it look special in some way, matte, velvet or luminous, in case of my Korres powder I don't notice anything like that.
And finally, I need to mention the fact that I don't like the smell. It's not perfumed at all (which I deeply regret cause I love my powders to smell nice) but it doesn't mean it's odourless. It smells of chemicals quite strongly and I don't like it at all.
Conclusion? Excelent freebie, quite disappointing high-end product.  

   Disclaimer: I received this product as a complimentary gift for my personal use and I am not affiliated with any company. I am not paid to do this review and everything I said here is my genuine opinion.

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