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Bourjois Effet Smoky Eye Pencils #73, #74, #78, #72: review

Bourjois effet Smoky Eyeliner Pencils

From time to time I go drugstore shopping and discover such little beauties as these. I'm sort of going through an eyeliner phase so I just couldn't resist getting four Bourjois Effet Smoky Eyliner Pencils, especially that all together they cost approximately as much as one Make Up For Ever Aqua pencil.
left to right: #73, #74, #78, #72

 Effet Smoky eyeliners are incredibly soft pencils which can be smudged out to create a smoky look without the use of eyeshadows. They are double-sided, equipped with a perfectly usable smudge brush with stiff, yet non-prickly bristles and a very nice shape. 
The colour pay-off and softness of these pencils differs slightly, the shimmery ones tend to be harder and less pigmentes than the mattes, nonetheless all of them apply evenly, without tugging or puling, which is their greatest value.

#73 Deep Green
Deep Green (#73) is a gorgeous matte teal shade. Very unique in my opinion. insanely pigmented. I love teal!  Makes a lovely eyeliner, reads a bit too dark to be used all over the lid as an eyeshadow base. My absolute favourite out of these four.
#74 Grey shadow

Grey Shadow (#74)  is medium metallic gray or mid-toned silver, whichever you prefer. It's definitely less pigmented than the teal one and less soft. I like to use it smoked out on my lower lid to create a sort of silverish halo. Very pretty.
#78 New Wave Blue

New Wave Blue (#78) is as the name suggests a blue shade, which is not entirely true as it is a blue-toned gray, matte. In Polish we say its pigeon colour, which is very adequate here. Very soft and opaque colour which makes both a great eyeshadow base and a liner. This might not be the most unique of shades, but it's a great performer and it's a matte, which is rare.
#72 Dark Purple

 Dark Purple (#72) is the one I like the least. This is a plum purple shimmey shade. This one is the hardest and the least smooth to apply and also the least pigmented. The shade is easily dupable and it looks slightly reddish when applied. when I applied it on my lower lashline it looked as if I'd cried or suffered from hay fever. Definitely didn't agree with my complexion. Looks good as a liner over some eyeshadow on my upper eye lid.
the brush
If you wish to know how to use these pencils to create a smoky look, click on the film below. However, I personally prefer to use them blended with eyeshadows or simply as liners. but then, it's just me.

All in all - perfect liners. I wish Bourjois would expand the colour range to include some brighter colours.
Disclaimer: I bought the product myself for my personal use and I am not affiliated with any company. I am not paid to do this review and everything I said here is my genuine opinion.

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