Thursday, 26 July 2012

Korean goodies: Skinfood Agave Cactus Emulsion and Cream (light) review

The Agave Cactus skincare line promises to brighten the skin and prevent wrinkles by providing the right amount of moisture. I had the pleasure to test samples of two products within the line: the Emulsion and the Cteam (light). The samples were too small to notice any long-term brightening. There was no immediate brightening to be noticed.

The emulsion is a greenish substance of gel-like consistency which sinks in your skin immediately and completely. My oily skin is normally satisfied with a dose of Korean emulsion, this time I felt my skincare procedure needed to be completed by following the emulsion with a cream. My skin felt uncomfortably tight. As I've said my skin is oily, I can't even think how dry skin might react to this emulsion.
The emulsion might constitute a good base for the foundation for oily skin. It has some cosmetic smell usually associated with freshness.

To my surprise the cream was much more runny than the emulsion, it was a clear watery substance with no particular smell. It was absorbed even more quickly than the emulsion, leaving my skin dry and tense. I used both in combination with the essence and alone, with the essence it definitely provided more moisture, whereas afterwards my skin felt more quenched than before. It makes a very good cream for oily skin to use under make-up, but I wouldn't recommend it for dry skin.  
I personally liked this cream due to its oil control and will consider purchasing it full size when I run out of my moisturisers. I only think it shouldn't be sold as a product with strongly hydrating properties.

This review was based on the samples received with my purchases.


  1. have a question, for u, watery berry range and agave cactus range, which 1 u recommend for oily skin and more hydrate? i had tried watery berry, but i am not sure whether is this range made my skin dry or other factors..

    1. I found the Watery Berry line far more hydrating, but I didn't really like the blending cream. The emulsion was really hydrating. The Aloe Cactus cream light wasn't hydrating at all, but it worked well under make-up. The cream I really liked for its moisturising properties was Facial Water Vita B cream, I use it as my night cream.

    2. Thank you for your opinions, really help me :)