Monday, 9 July 2012

Goldwell Dual Senses Ultra Volume Shampoo & Treatment : review

I got this pack of samples from my hairdresser. I've never tried any volumising product before cause my hair is extremely dry and I've always believed that these volumising products work by making your hair more dry therefore lighter and more willing to display any volume.

The Ultra Volume shampoo surprised me greatly, it was such a pleasure to use it! It produced a kind of rich, creamy foam which seemed to quench the thirst of my dry hair. And this gorgeous smell! So relaxing!

To my surprise the treatment spoiled the effect. I expected it to be a kind of mask which would leave my hair smooth and detangled, quite the contrary after this treatment it was rough, unpleasant to touch and difficult to comb.

So it's a 'yes' for the shampoo and a 'no' for the treatment. 

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