Thursday, 5 July 2012

Circle lenses freebie: Sun Shine contact

When announced their buy two get one free promotion I decided to take the opportunity! The small print clause said that the free pair of lenses will be selected at random. I thought it actually quite entertaining to have my lenses selected by someone else. I wrote them a message asking them to be reasonable and send me something wearable (neither pink nor Hello Kitty-patterned). But in any case I expected the random lenses to belong to one of the popular brands like Geo or Vassen which are traded by 
To my surprise the random pair I received was by some unknown brand, I tried to trace it on the net but the only mention of the brand led me back to It seems that they stocked these lenses a while ago. I believe they sent me the lenses which were withdrawn and they were simply getting rid of them. I feel cheated although there's nothing to complain about. Tru to their words they sent me a pair of more than random lenses.

 I put them on and since they were suspiciously uncomfortable I took a couple of pictures and to the bin they went. I didn't want to put my eyes at stake.

It's a pity cause I actually loved the design. If they were made by eg. Geo they would be my favourite lenses. First of all they were rather small but thanks to their design they offered nice definition and enlargement without looking weird or spooky. They were clear in the middle, dark brown towards the outer edge, finished with a black ring. They blended in perfectly and showed a lot of my natural eye colour.  I'd love to find something similar to these by some other manufacturer. 


  1. Am i right in thinking your left eye is 2 colours? I have the same in my right eye :)

    1. Oh, do you? Seems like we've got something in common! It's a progressive feature, started from a tiny spot and now covers 75% of my iris