Sunday, 29 July 2012

Stila lip liner contour no.4 review+ swatches

Stila lip liner contour no.4 
 Stila lip liner is a product I got for free when making my first purchase from This isn't a shade I'd normally pick but there wasn't much to choose from and also I've noticed that swatches of Stila lip liners are relatively rare on the net and I sort of bought a pig in a poke.
So contour no.4 is a fairly dark reddish brown with shimmer. This colour, gorgeous as it is on its own, is way too dark for me to wear. It's been decades since I sported the Pamela Anderson look of nude beige lips with dark brown liner and I don't think I'm gonna return to that any time soon. I've tried to do a bit of smudging and blending with light glosses, the effect was acceptable but nothing stunning.
Qualitywise, this is an average kind of liner. Neither too hard nor too soft, applies really smoothly and it's creamy and doesn't dry the lips out, but it doesn't set like my beloved MUFE does and as a consequence doesn't last long either.
I think, even if the colour was right, this wouldn't make my favourite liner. It's not bad but it's a kind of meh product for me.

Stila lip liner contour no.4 

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