Tuesday, 31 July 2012

La Prairie Anti-Aging Foundation a cellular emulsion SPF15 review

La Prairie Anti-Aging Foundation

Each time I have the opportunity to test a really expensive foundation (about $105) I ask myself the same question people who usually buy drugstore make-up ask themselves before they buy something Chanel. Is it really gonna work better than the products I normally use? Or am I asked to pay for the feeling of self-satisfaction at surprising the shop assistants, who took me for a beggar, with such an extravagant purchase?
So is La Prairie Anti-Aging Foundation really worth the price tag? Of course not.
La Prairie Anti-Aging Foundation #700

It must be said in the defense of the foundation that in some respects it works really well. First of all, the colour match was obviously very wrong for me which didn't discourage me from trying it out. To my surprise the foundation blended well into my skin and didn't make me look jaundice yellow. With a better colour match it may look almost invisible.
The foundation was quite lightweight and offered a good coverage. It also didn't settle in my pores like many foundations tend to do. What's more, when set with a HD powder it lasted all day, even in hot summer weather.

And this is where the good things end.
On the negative side, this was the streakiest foundation I've ever used. I  could see every single brush stroke on my face. Of course with a bunch of tools, brushes, sponges and applicators you may finally achieve an airbrushed result but you can't expect every single user to be as brush-obsessed as me. Let's be honest, most people use their fingers and a good foundation should apply that way well.
This foundation is also unsuitable for my skin-type. It made my face look horribly oily but it might do wonders to extremely dry skin and this is probably what these anti-ageing are all about: providing excessive moisture or grease.
Finally the foundation had no scent. For some this is a benefit, for me this takes away the pleasure of using a foundation.

To conclude, this is not a bad foundation at all. It has its advantages for sure. But having tried it for a couple of days I was unable to notice anything that would make it threefold superior to let's say YSL and about ten times better than any drugstore stuff.

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