Tuesday, 3 July 2012

What do we do when we can't go on holiday? Drink!

As our kids are sick we couldn't go on holiday. We stayed at home and indulged in out passion of beer tasting. Small independent breweries have sprung up in masses so there's always something new to drink.
The first set of beers we tried looked pretty much like those delicious Belgian beers. Gorgeous bottles tastefully packed in cardboard boxes. There were three of them: Noteckie Korzenne (mixed spice), Noteckie niefiltrowane (unfiltered) and Noteckie na miodzie lipowym (honey). The unfiltered one won our hearts immediately. Light and refreshing with beautiful aroma. The honey one somehow failed to taste like honey. There are so many other brands that produce excellent honey beers that this one was highly disappointing. I mean not that bad but certainly not honey. The one containing mixed spices was the worst one of the bunch. It tasted as if they poured in a bottle of YSL Opium by mistake. Sweet and perfumed. Luckily we were sharing cause I wouldn't be able to dring the whole bottle. 

The other day we had something that looked less elegant but tasted really good.
Atak chmielu (hop attack), Krakowiak (a Cracovian), Dobry wieczor (good evening) were delicious lagers. 
Cornelius miodowe pszeniczne(honey white) didn't taste of honey as much as I'd like it to but it was a good beer nonetheless. 

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