Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Cinema outing with Mikolaj

 For Mikolaj's cinematic debut we chose Cars 2. Survived 1 hour out of 2. The poor boy was scared of the racing scenes and I was scared the film destroyed four years of raising a child without weapons, shootings, crime and death scenes. We thought the film would be kept in a similar mood to the first part, but apparently the producers decided to address the film to a different audience. I don't suppose older children or even teenagers can really follow the film with all the allusions. Now I know parents should definitely see the film before they show it to their children. Parental guidance is necessary even if a film is made for children. The content of the film may not agree with the worldview promoted by the parents.
Strangely enough Mikolaj wasn't bothered with what didn't interest him at all. He wanted to see Mc Queen and that was all that mattered. He hardly noticed any explosions, cars being destroyed or eliminated,  missiles being shot at the enemy etc. and obviously didn't follow the plot. What a relief. After all, maybe the film didn't shatter the thin glass wall with which we were trying to protect our sons' innocent childhood. We'd better go to see Winnie the Pooh next time!

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