Sunday, 3 July 2011

Maestro brushes (pędzle do makijażu MAESTRO)

This is the second post on Polish, professional brushes, good dupes for MAC I guess, yet much cheaper. Another advanage of them over many commercial brands is that you can get them in a variety of sizes, depending on your needs.  I have already reviewed the fabulous Kozlowski brushes and I must say Maestro ones are so similar that I would be led to believe that the manufacturer is actually the same if it hadn't been for the fact that some types of brushes differ and are not available in one or the other brand's offer. Nonetheless, I believe both brands are worth attention as they are extremely good quality and affordable.
Maestro brushes are mostly made of natural fibres, although you can get some synthetic brushes as well. The handles are made of ergonomically shaped wood.

1) Blush/bronzer brush 155
Maestro blush/bronzer brush 155

This brush is made of goat hair, it's a round, tapered brush. It's quite rare on the brush market. I absolutely love this one for its pointed top and its fullness. It's particularly useful for both contouring and precise application of blushes, bronzers or highlights and blending them out. Due to its stiff hair, it works well with harder, less powdery products. I mostly use it with my Clinique bronzer, but I'm considering getting one more for other products.

Maestro blush/bronzer brush 155

2) Flat eyeshadow brushes

Maestro flat eyeshadow brushes
310, no.6 and 8, marten hair
320, no.6 and 8, pony hair
330, no.8, synthetic
All of them are excelent brushes for applying eyeshadow. Pack the shadows nicely, causing no fallout (which is why I love them so much). 310 and 330 are flatter than the 320s, their hair is also proportionally longer. The synthetic fibres of the 330 are almost identical to the natural hairs of the 310 (if I didn't know before, I wouldn't be able to tell the difference). 

 3) Doe foot eyeshadow brushes

Maestro doe foot eyeshadow brushes no. 6 and 8
I think I could have given these brushes a miss. The pony bristles shaped this way are too stiff to blend or apply. This brush actually causes fallout as the particles of the shadow are catapulted from these stiff bristles. I haven't tried it with emolients, I guess they might be more helpful when applying cream shadows for example. But then, there are so many better brushes to do the job.

 4) Contouring brushes
Maestro contouring brushes
410 no.6,  marten hair
420, no.8, 10, pony
Although the 410 series is much more expensive, I think it's worth the price. This brush is excellent for applying shadow to the crease, to the whole lid and blending. Those made of pony hair are a bit too stiff, sometimes produce some fallout. Size 10 is very similar to ELF contour brush from the regular line ( better made though).

Maestro vs Kozlowski
I've added the picture above just for comparison, to show how similar they are to Kozlowski brushes.

5) Blending brushes
Maestro blending brushes
480 no.12 tapered brush, sqiurrel
497 no.12 undisclosed natural bristles (feels like goat)
490 no.10 goat

The 480 and 490 are round, the 497 is flat. All of them are good blending brushes, 480 deserves most attention as it is different from all the brushes I've got. It's got a pointed top, super-soft hair, but tiff enough to do the blending job nicely. The other two are a bit pricky, nonetheless I believe they are efficient enough.

 6) Eyeliner brush

Maestro eyeliner brush

790, no. 0, synthetic bristles.
I love this brush, it's so unique. It's angled, therefore it makes the application of eyeliners so easy and precise. And more importantly you can choose the size! Mine is ultra thin, but the bristles are stiff enough to pick the product and draw a lovely thin line! One of my favourite brushes!
Maestro eyeliner brush

Disclaimer: I bought the product myself for my personal use and I am not affiliated with any company. I am not paid to do this review and everything I said here is my genuine opinion.


  1. Thank you SO much for doing these reviews on the Polish Brushes, I am researching quality at a reasonable price at the mo, so these posts have really come in handy :0)

    1. I'm glad you find these posts helpful! Maestro are excellent brushes. I've had them for over a year, I regularly give them a thorough wash with soap and water and they never shed a hair! What I also like about them is that almost all of them come in at least 3 different sizes so everyone can find something almost custom made! And for the price of ! MAC brush you may have 3 similar Maestro or Kozlowski brushes.