Saturday, 16 July 2011

How peachy is peach? Peach-coloured blushes by Nars, Mac, ELF, Dior (swatches)

Left, top to bottom: Nars Sex Appeal, Amour, Deep Throat
Middle, top to bottom: MAC Style, Peechykeen, Pinch O'peach
Right, top to bottom: ELF Peechy Keen, Dior Peechy Keen

I thought I'd do the post cause I suddenly discovered that most of my blushes are of peachy colour. I never realised that cause to me they seem so different. This made me think. What is a peachy colour? Is it the redder, almost burgundy, shade of peach skin? Or the more pinkish one? Or the yellow-orange of the skinned peach ? If you buy wall paint, you'll get this sort of shade for sure.

As you can see in the picture above the definition of peachyness varies even within one producer's range.

Today I'm not going to review these blushes in terms of quality or wear, but I'll try to describe their colour.

It seems to me that MAC Style (described as coral-peach by the producer) and Dior Peechy Keen (no colour description provided) are the most peachy of them all.

Nars Amour (peachy pink) and Deep Throat (peach) have a very similar shade, both with strong pink undertones. MAC Pinch O'peach (warm peach) and Peechykeen (baby peach) also display a high level of pinkiness, with Pinch O'peach being more dusty pink in my opinion than anything else.

Nars Sex Appeal (soft peach) and ELF Peechy Keen seem to lie the furthest away from the popular understanding of that peechy means. Nars Sex Appeal is an almost invisible soft milky pink, whereas ELF Peechy Keen is more of a beige colour.

I love all of these shades, I think all of them are very beautiful. What I want to say by this post is how careful you need to be when ordering anything on-line. The descriptions and pictures are often highly misleading and well.... peach may not be as peachy as it seems!

And now for a series of swatches. I'll swatch them in two ways: blushes of one brand swatched together and then the more similar shades side by side (for comparison).

Nars Amour, Deep Throat, Sex Appeal

ELF Peechy Keen, Dior Peechy Keen (matte and shimmer)

MAC Style, Peechykeen, Pinch O'peach

MAC Pinch o'peach
Nars Amour
Nars Deep Throat
MAC Peechykeen
Dior Peachy Keen (matte+shimmer swatched separately)
MAC Style
ELF Peachy Keen
Nars Sex Appeal

and as the last swatch I added MAC cremeblend in Something Special, which is sold as a coral one, but somehow fits in the peach collection as well

As you can see the degree of pigmentation differs. Most of these are 1-layer swatches with the exception of Dior shimmer, ELF, and Nars Sex Appeal, which needed at least 2 layers to show up.

Disclaimer: I bought the products myself for my personal use and I am not affiliated with any company. I am not paid to do this review and everything I said here is my genuine opinion.

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