Saturday, 9 July 2011

Inglot Duraline

This thing happens all the time. I really want to believe the enthusiastic reviews of Inglot products, I buy Inglot and I hate Inglot. I do honestly want to love it, after all this is my native company, the most successful Polish cosmetic brand in the foreign markers. I'm happy that someone from the remote, god-forsaken eastern corner Poland could make it! I'm proud to read enthusiastic reviews on, to see the eyeshadows compared to those of MAC etc. So I buy their goods only to discover that the quality can't really be paired with brands like MAC or even ELF. There's always something wrong. The eyeshadows are powdery and chalky, the gel eyeliners gooey and they stick to your lids and your brush like ectoplasm, very reluctant to come off even when treated with a decent make-up remover. And they cause the most horrible allergic reactions, which I'm not typically prone to. The only advantage is that they are dirt cheap here, so nothing happens if they land in the bin. The only product I really like are their brushes, but there are better and cheaper on the market.

But to the point, in my honest opinion Duraline is by far the worst Inglot product I've bought. It brings more harm than good. It's supposed to transform eyeshadows into liners or cream shadows. It could also be added to drying cream/gel eyeliners to bring them back to life by dissolving them. The problem is that Inglot Duraline actually spoils the eyeshadows it's supposed to liquidify. Duraline is a substamce, very close to oil. According to the instruction, you put w drop on the back of your hand, dip your brush in this oil and then pat the eyeshadow to pick some product. Unfortunately the oil, even if you take a tiny drop, sinks into the eyeshadow, leaving it greasy and finally, when it dries it turns into a shell on the surface of the eyeshadow. The only solution is to scrub it away, but that way you waste a substantial amount of your eyeshadow.
What is more, the result is far from stunning. The line is rather sheer, it's actually hard to pick some eyeshadow on a greasy brush.

I've tested it with my ELF cream eyeliner, which was becoming a bit dried out, but Duraline softened it only a bit, the result would have been much better if I'd simply removed the dry layer of my eyeliner with a wipe instead of buying and using another product.

I guess this product might work well with powder eye shadow and pigments cause you can dispense some of the shadow onto your wrist and then mix it with Duraline. That way no harm to the actual product is done.

And the final piece of advice: no matter what you use the Duraline with do not ever use your best brushes. The substance leaves the brushes gooey and greasy, this grease is really hard to remove. Washing up liquid, followed with alcohol helps, but that's not the point. I shouldn't fight to rescue my brushes from a make-up product, should I?

Disclaimer: I bought the product myself for my personal use and I am not affiliated with any company. I am not paid to do this review and everything I said here is my genuine opinion.

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