Sunday, 17 July 2011


 I returned home late last night, after a heartwarming evening with Anka (and a couple of ciders), was woken up at 7 with a sort of slight recollection of the events of the night before, which manifested itself mostly with this weird feeling around my stomach. I looked out of the window and noticed that it seemed like the second decent summer day since May so in spite of my evident tiredness we resolved to make something of this lovely day.
We went to one of the most charming and quiet places around, the park in Wirty. With the weather so nice and everything being so green and beautiful we succumbed fully to the magic of the day.
Could I resist the charm of Monet's pictures? Quite cliche, and bad taste possibly, but who cares?
Having my satisfied senses with the beauty of the waterlilies I felt the irresistable magnetism of the centuries old  forest, much less polished and cultivated than the park, full of magnificent trees both those standing upright and those fallen, covered in moss and showing all signs of decay. And the small, duckweed covered ponds and swamps almost invisible to the human eye, are more likely to be located by auditory senses due to hundreds of frogs giving their croaking matinee. The park ends with a beautiful lake, with its water  the colour of absinth, as it usually is at this time of the year, makes you want to immerse yourself in the abyss of this magic liquor . 
 Even the boys behaved themselves like 2 little angels and we didn't need to waste our newly charged energy on pacifying them. The only nuissance were the hordes of mosquitoes lurking in the dark swampy places, which somehow appealed to me most.
I really needed this. For the past few weeks I felt like a prisoner, a victim of my current situation, now I seem to have freed myself at least for a moment. I suppose I'm ready to face the week.

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