Monday, 18 August 2014

Beauty on a budget: RIMMEL MAGNIF'EYES eyeshadows in Taupe Magnificence, Dollar Magnifico and Chocolate Mania review & swatches

During one of my recent visits to my local drugstore I noticed that Rimmel has come up with a new collection of single eyeshadows. If I remember well, there were about 5 shades in the MAGNIF'EYES collection, out of which I initially picked two and then added one more to my stash.
These come in simple, yet sturdy and practical compacts and are embossed with the Rimmel logo.
They aren't insanely pigmented, but the brush effortlessly picks the right amount of product and it's easy to pack them on if you require more colour. I actually prefer my eyeshadows this way as they tend to blend better and give me more control over the application. 

Taupe Magnificence is a neutral-toned taupe with an interesting finish that looks like it's shimmer, but actually translates as satin. Very pretty, one of my favourite taupes of late.

#009 Dollar Magnifico is a kind of surprise for me. In the artificial light of the shop this looked more like shimmery gray with bluish undertones and judging by the name I thought it was a dollar silver shade. In daylight I discovered that this shade is actually very unique. I can't really describe it, it's kind of turquoise at first. but it turns more and more blue as you pack it on. To make matters even more complicated, there's this golden sheen over it that counteracts the coolness of the base shade.
I like this on my bottom lashline for a pop of colour. 

And finally, my affidional pick, shade #002 Chocolate Mania. 

This is a gorgeous matte chocolate brown that has the satin finish that makes it more dimensional than some flat mattes are. This is a perfect shade for brown smokey eyes or as a liner or blended in the outer corner for some definition.  I've been reaching for it as lot recently!

Overall, I believe this small collection to be a trenemdous success. These eyeshadows are inexpensive, small and lightweight. They don't occupy much space in any make up drawer or bag. They apply beautifully and have this unique satin finish that brightens and complements all skin types and flatters women of all ages.  

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