Saturday, 23 August 2014

Korean goodies: ElishaCoy Moist Up Super Hyalurone Cream review

When I saw this sample of ElishaCoy Moist Up Super Hyalurone Cream I expected it to be a sort of day cream as it says on the packaging that it's oil-free. 
To my surprise this gel-cream left a very sticky film on my skin. It actually felt on my face like the liquid that sheet masks are soaked with. I found it highly moisturising and would recommend it to my readers who struggle with dry and very dry skin. 
It was impossible for me to use it during the day and even less so under make-up, but I enjoyed the fact that it helped me restore moisture level during the night as during the day I reach for different mattifiers to help me keep my oilies at bay.
It promises whitening as well, but I didn't notice any. A 10ml sample is a third of a standard European cream container and I expect the results should show at this point.
I believe this is is a lovely moisturiser, but I am not the target customer for it.

Disclaimer: I bought the product myself for my personal use and I am not affiliated with any company. I am not paid to do this review and everything I said here is my genuine opinion.


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    1. I got it in one of those sample boxes sold here
      I suppose you got one of these boxes too, didn't you?