Thursday, 28 August 2014

Korean goodies: Too Cool for School Dinoplatz Cinema City CC cream review & swatches

 Although I'm well past the BB/CC stage I was glad to discover Too Cool For School Dinoplatz Cinema City CC cream in my Memebox.
I'd heard a lot about the brand, I even own a blush from them, and the packaging was so fun that I immediately pulled it out of the packaging and entered the testing phase. 

To be honest I'm not entirely sure what and who this product is for.
It offers almost no coverage. Yes, yes, I'm familiar with the theory behind CC creams, that they're meant to correct the skin tone and stuff, the thing is that I don't notice much of this correction on my skin that does have some redness, but is not particularly plagued by acne or blemishes. There's one persistent spot on my jaw line and this CC cream neither toned it down nor hid it in any way.

The second thing is that this CC cream is ghostly pale with pink undertones. I can get away with this as I'm normally pale when I don't self-tan and my skin has cool undertone, but I fear it might not be suitable for Asian ladies, who are primarily the target group for this product. But, on the bright side,I noticed that you can correct this paleness nicely with a bit of bronzer.

 My way of using this CC cream is to treat it as a tinted sunscreen (SPF30), apply it on those days when I take my kids to the beach and I want some toning product on my face, but nothing too noticeable to avoid looking too made-up. Then I slap on some bronzer to add warmth to my face and I'm good to go.

I have oily skin and this CC cream replaces my morning moisturiser. I'm pleasantly surprised that although the finish is nowhere near matte, it doesn't turn into oil skick during the day as some Korean BB creams tend to do.

All in all, I do believe that this product has numerous advantages and I will definitely use up the 10ml de luxe sample, but I see no need to buy a full-size version of this.  


  1. Oh man I wanted this! But I guess it doesnt seem to perform any of the things I find necessary in a good cc cream!

    1. I've still got some of it left, so if you're interested, it's yours!