Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Lorac Pro Palette 2 review & swatches

I haven't bought many eyeshadows recently as not many of them have stirred much interest in me, but when I heard that Lorac were about to release another palette from their Pro series I instantly knew it would be a must-have for me.

Just like its predecessor, the Pro 2 palette comes in a sleek cardboard packaging with rubbery coating that makes it feel like Nars compacts. It's equipped with a large mirror, though I would prefer it to be full size.
What I really love about the palette is that its 16 shades are arranged according to a number of different rules that complement each other and make the product more user friendly. The eyeshadfows come in two rows of matte and shimmery to frosty, but never glittery, eyeshadows. The lightest shades are on the right and then they get darker and darker towards the right. You will also notice, when you look at the swatches below, that vertical pairs complement each other to offer you a variety of at least 7 completely different looks made using 2 eyeshadows only.  

Buff is a light beige eyeshadow with neutral undertones that is perfect all over the eyelid to even out the skin tone and make blending easier.
Light Brown is a tad too dark, but I like to use this shade in my crease to add some depth to my hooded eyes.
I don't like Snow. It's too white and too frosty. But this is exactly what you expect from snow, don't you?
Beige is a shimmery shade that can be used in the inner corner or very moderately on the browbone. Together with Lt. Brown it makes a lovely work/school friendly combo. 

Cool Gray is one of my favourite shadows in the palette, but it's not as gray as the name suggests. There are strong plun undertones to this shade! I love wearing this all over the lid.
Nectar doesn't lie within my comfort zone, but I can imagine many people will find the shade exciting. This shade will look perfect on olive skin tones.
Rose is a nice rose gold that makes a nice highlight shade or will look good all over the lid if you're after neutral make-up. Look how beautifully it's paired with Cool Gray!
Mocha is a gorgeous brown-bronze shade. One of my favourite shades! 

Plum is a lovely plum purple shade that transfers beautifully and true to the pan onto the lid! I can picture myself wearing this a lot this autumn!
Navy is definitely the highlight of this palette. It's such a gorgeous dark, cool-toned navy blue that is quite bright in spite of being so dark! Unfortunately, the colour tends to turn muddy when blended. I love using this as an eyeliner, but it produces tons of dark fall out. If you compare  at all the mattes swatches, you'll notice that this one happens to be the most powdery and crumbly.   
Chrome is another favourite eyeshadow of mine! It doesn't seem all that chrome to me. To my eyes this seems a kind of brownish taupe shade. I have an enormous variety of taupes in my stash, but somehow this one manages to stand out! Chrome and Plum will certainly make my favourite autumn combination.
Silver is a light silver shade that is a bit too frosty for my ageing lids, but it's a pretty shade nonetheless. Looks lovely paired with Navy!

Charcoal is the shade that I see as pure gray. Very nice and handy for a variety of looks where you don't want to darken your crease with black.
Black actually is also not the pitch black shade, but a very very very dark gray. I've got tons of pure black shades, so this one makes a nice addition to this seemengly unimaginative and unvaried collection.
Jade looks like khaki green leaning more green. I know I'll never use this shade as this one and its likes don't go together with my skin tone, but I'm sure this will look gorgeous on someone more tan and warmer toned.
And finally Cocoa is this gorgeous dark chocolate brown shimmer.

My absolute favourites are Cool Gray, Chrome, Navy and Cocoa and I've been incorporating them to a variety of looks this month. 

The main advantages are:
  • equal number of shimmers and mattes
  • no glitters
  • amazing pigmentation
  • some unique shades
  • lots of cool tones
  • some shades offer a pop of colour 
  • generic names

There arent't many disadvantages of the palette, but I feel I need to mention that 
  • some shades powdery
  • the shadows tend to produce fall out
  • the colour doesn't always transfer  true to the pan

Disclaimer: I bought the product myself for my personal use and I am not affiliated with any company. I am not paid to do this review and everything I said here is my genuine opinion.


  1. I think this is a wonderful palette! Nectar, Mocha and Rose are too pretty <3

    1. It's beautiful and worth every penny I spent on it!