Thursday, 21 August 2014

Korean goodies: Memebox Special #23 Girl's Night Out unboxing

And finally, the last disappointing Memebox in the series of 3. This time it's not the selection of products that I found unsatisfactory, but their unimaginativeness. I think all of them comply with the Girl's Night Out theme and all of them are full size products, which is obviously very good, but unfortunately not many of them stirred much interest in me. Also the apostrophe in the name of the box comes in a wrong place. Instead of a couple of girls having fun together we get this lonely one hitting the town wearing cosplay eyelashes and attempting to lure someone with pheromonal perfume.

The first product on the information sheet is the most horrible one. Kskin Bulgarian Rose Pheromone Perfume Pink Angel smells terrible. If I wanted to smell octogenarian, I'd definitely reach for this one. And this isn't even close to Bulgarian rose. During the communist times Bulgarian rose essence was for many of us a synonym of a 'goodie from abroad', a typical present from a trip to a befriended country of the communist pact. It was a synonym of bad taste back then, but now I think I would quite enjoy this pure aroma of roses captured in the bottle. Kskin Bulgarian Rose Pheromone perfume contains 90% pheromone and less than 10% of Bulgarian rose. 
I think that if I wore this to a party I'd scare everyone away or attract those weird types that fancy elderly ladies.    

Forest Story Water Essence Hair Perfume Soft Soap Fragrance is another product I have olfactory problem with. It smells like savon marseille which is acceptable in the linen drawer but not necessarily on my hair. I do understand and appreciate, however, why this spray was included in a Girl's Night Out box. This is a kind of 'the day after' product that is meant to eliminate food or cigarette smell from your hair (it's too big to be carried arround and used as soon as you leave the restaurant or pub). This spray also delivers moisture to dry hair. 

A.m.oK cosmetics N.S.M Soft Moose Waterproof Liquid Line is a product that could have been exciting but the unprofessional name managed to put me off rather successfully. Picture this, on the tube it says: Soft Moose 3 step cross eyes! Using any soft liquified animal to make me look cross-eyed is the last thing I want and need. 
Seriously speaking, the product reminds me a lot of Rimmel Scandaleyes liqid eyeshadows, the major difference being that this has a brush applicator that has hairs sticking in all directions.
I got shade 761 Antique Khaki, which is very pretty. It distributes very well, the colour is opague and performs well.

Secret Stargirl S-Style in 01 Sexy Eye is a set of 2 pairs of false lashes. I'd like to learn how to wear false lashes and normally would be quite happy with these, but the design is a bit too over board.  

Croquis Dual Concealer 

The box also contained 2 A.m.oK cosmetics N.S.M Special Nail Lacquer, randomly selected from a wide variety of shades.
The nail polishes I got are really up my alley and look like Halloween come early kind of set. They're  a gorgeous pair! 

Kepaclub Maxi Lip Tint Glow has obviously been inspired by Dior Addict lip glow. Mine comes in shade #03 Cherry Pink and there are two more shades available. It's a very bright, almost neon pink shade, but it's very sheer, which makes it quite wearable. I thought this would be a nice tinted lip balm, but it dries to a kind of velvet finish.

Disclaimer: I bought the product myself for my personal use and I am not affiliated with any company. I am not paid to do this review and everything I said here is my genuine opinion.


  1. I am quite surprised about the lashes. Asian lashes are suppose to be more natural than western lashes...

    1. No,no, anyone wearing these would look like a drag queen