Sunday, 17 August 2014

Korean goodies: Memebox Special #19 Cleansing Kit unboxing

When I ordered my Memebox Special #19 Cleansing Kit, judging by my observations of Korean skincare routines, I expected to find in my box a cleansing oil, a cleansing foam (most probably soda or o2 based), some kind of exfoliant or scrub and something to clear the pores like nose strips or a mud mask. To my surprise, the box contains a number of other products I didn't predict correctly.

The first big surprise is Secretkey Oil-Free Lip& Eye Makeup Remover. It promises to remove all make up, including the waterproof one and it's enriched with lots of fruit, herbal and other extracts to be both gentle and nourishing for the skin. I believe it's a kind of micellar solution, which is quite a surprise for me as I've never heard of a similar Korean product before. I'm not rejoicing as I'm not a fan of such products.

D'Ran Wonder Pure Cleansing Lotion contains snail mucus, fermented bean extracts for soft and non-irritating application. The trouble is I'm not a fan of cleansing milks and lotionjs either.

Tosowoong Acne Cleansing Foam is packed with aloe vera, royal jelly, propolis, licorice amd mulberry root extracts and promises to remove excess impurities, blackheads and dead skin cells. I don't suffer from acne, but I'm quite excited by this as I love korean cleansing foams! And a good, thorough cleanse is always welcome.

arrahan Peeling Gel is another product I am very happy to have received as I don't seem to own a good face scrub at the moment. The leaflet is very uninformative about this product, it only says it's made of "oriental medicinal igredients".

Ferderma Egyptian Mask Pack is somewhat unexpected. Both because of the fact that this is a sheet mask and I thought I would get a clay one and because of its Egyptian  theme and design. This mask has EGF components and rosemary extracts that are meant to firm up sagging skin and improve its overall texture. This is supposed to be worn for 30 minutes, while all other sheet masks work withing 10-15 mins.

And finally, the product that seems particularly exciting to me. This is Makeup Helper Special Pore Care 2 Step.
This thing consists of 6 capsules, 3 steam pack and 3 lifting pack for opening up the pores, removing impurities and tightening them up again. The instructions say that after the application of steam pack the temperature of my face will raise by 10 degrees and then I need to start massaging my face. Then rinse and apply the lifting pack to soothe and tighten enlarged pores. Leave on for 10 minutes, then rinse. I'll try this out tomorrow.


  1. The 3 step packs looks very exciting!

    1. Tried this today morning, the results were interesting, I think Johnny Clyde might be interested, but I wouldn't recommend this for dry skin types