Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Korean goodies: Hope Girl Nail Travel Bling Bling set in #02 Sugar Mint review & swatches

I got this Hope Girl Nail Travel Bling Bling set in my first Memebox. I was just going through my mint nail phase so I was more than luvky to get #02 Sugar Mint set out of the four available and randomly despatched.
The set consists of 3 polishes in the shades that complement each other. They're all pretty sheer, so I got the best results wearing them on top of one of my favourite mint polishes, Rimmel Breakfast in Bed.

Shade #01 is a sheer very light mint shade with warm-toned microglitter (on the two nails from the left). This polish didn't add much colour, but definitely warmed up a very cool-toned polish like Rimmel Breakfast in Bed. 

Shade #02 is a bluish mint with small multi-coloured glitter, though the majority of the glitter is golden. This polish performs well as a top coat over a number of polishes, even though its base isn't clear. 

And the final one, shade #03 is differently-sized glitter embedded in sheer forest green polish. This shade tends to be a bit patchy and it's hard to find  a polish base that coordinated well with this green undertone.

Upon a closer inspection of the packaging I noticed pictorial  instructions presenting some ideas on how to use the polishes in conjunction. I tried this out and the results were disastrous!
Of course, I didn't use any tools, sponges, etc, to make these blend well, I just applied the three shades in stripes, as instructed. And they looked like stripes. At some angles my nails looked acceptable, but most of the time they didn't. 

Overall, these are nice, fresh summer shades. My favourite is #02, which blends with my minty base polishes really well, but all of them worn as gradation nails are fun too.

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