Wednesday, 20 August 2014

PostQuam Antioxidant Make-up Removal Wipes review

These PostQuam antioxidant & Make-up Removal Wipes were one of the items I found in my July Glossybox. It wasn't an exciting find, but very practical as I was about to go on holiday.

Unfortunately, the wipes turned out to be dry and ineffective as far as removing eye make-up is concerned, not to mention the stubborn waterproof mascara I used daily to protect my make-up from smudging when swimming in the lake.
The only use I found for these wipes was to remove sweat from my face during the day, but otherwise they were useless. I consider myself lucky that I packed some conventional make-up removers as well cause I would have been in real trouble if I'd trusted PostQuam make-up removal wipes.

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